28 July, 2006

Val recently announced that Boomama was organising an annual (or once only) bloggy tour of homes for Friday. That's today. I thought it might be fun, so am taking part. Visit Boomama for all the details - but be quick. As I said, Friday is today.

Okay, here I go. Be warned that I didn't clean the house before doing this (so if any pictures show a clean house, be impressed, because that was not the intention.

The front door. And plants either side that I have bought from garage sales. The one to the right was looking worse than this when I bought it. But it cost me $5 complete with the pot and it's a bit happer (it seems) now than before. The plant on the left is looking decidedly worse than when I bought it. The darn things seem to need water all the time. Sigh.

I recently got the security screen fixed, so I can lock it without using the key. You've no idea what a joy this is. I like to lock myself into my house when I am here alone.

Where I blog. I know, it's just a shot of the desk - but the rest is too hideous to see. I have another picture almost the same as this one (but with a cleaner desk). There is a bed opposite the desk with a stack of pillows on it (no pillowcases), a clothes airer and that black blob in the lower left corner is the crappy students chair I sit on. The clock has read 11:45 for the past three months. I should change the batteries some time. The ironing board is permanently set up (who can be bothered to do all their ironing in one go - I iron as I need to) and there is a bookcase full of books I haven't read behind it. Other items in the room: a sewing machine (changes place with the computer regularly), a basket of ironing, a vacuum cleaner, four paintings that need to be hung on the walls and lots of fabric all over the place!!


Blogger HORIZON said...

Hey thank you for the tour. My Sis lives in AU and is coming home in less than a month for a visit- l have not seen her in 10 years!! Love your Jackson Pollock paintings below- neat idea. Your house is a home and is lovely- love the brighter colours too. :)

9:05 pm  
Blogger Kathleen Marie said...

What a wonderful home! Thanks for sharing!

4:25 am  
Blogger Paige said...

I like it. Thanks for sharing

12:37 pm  
Blogger Mrs. C said...

Thanks for inviting us in!

9:38 am  

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