12 July, 2006


I think I just got nabbed by a red light camera. I KNOW I shouldn't have been going through the red light - I swear it had only just changed to red as I was half way through the intersection. But there were two flashes and I'm now pretty sure they were for me, though I was a little confused about it at the time (am a running-a-red-light virgin). I only hope there was no film in the camera (does that happen - that the flash goes off, even if there is no film in the camera?) because I don't really want to pay the fine. Nor do I want any demerit points. Again, I KNOW I shouldn't complain about this as it is my fault and I will pay the fine if I have to - I just don't want to. Since it happened - about half an hour ago - I've been getting madder and madder at myself. But I feel better, now that I've told the internet. And I really should feel grateful (and I am) that I didn't cause an accident.


Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I'm just glad no one was hurt. Here in the U.S. everybody speeds up when they see the light turn yellow, right before it turns red. I usually make an attempt to stop, but it's not always possible. There is also the possibility that the speed demon behind you will rear end you if you make an attempt to stop at the yellow light...so sometimes it's better to go through it and hope the light doesn't change to red before you get out of the intersection.

I hope there was NO film in the camera.

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