11 July, 2006


Townsville's newest attraction is Riverway. Michelle, you should have put your trip back two weeks. Riverway opened on the weekend and a ten day festival is happening to celebrate. Everything is free - the bbq's, playground, even the pools. And check out the pools!! This is one of those flash infinity pools where the water drops over the edge to form a waterfall, but it looks like the river is part of the pool. There is a shallow wading pool that actually has sand at the edge - a real(ish) beach - and it goes to 2 metres deep.

I'm not sure what the big building is, but to the right of the photo is a restaurant/bar. This pool is above the lower one in the previous pictures (the lower pool is to the lower left of this picture).

The top pool at night. Each big tree has lights underneath, shining into the canopy. The white things are chairs and tables, the orange things are witches hats. Please ignore the big Amcal sign - I know it doesn't do much for the scenery (damn sponsors...).

The bottom pool at night. A friend and I had a picnic by the pool while listening to a free jazz concert (sponsored by Amcal chemists, of course). The local high school performed (and they were very good), followed by a contemporary jazz trio from Brisbane called Misinterprotato. They were very, very good, and are travelling to jazz festivals all over the world (have been to Canada, Japan, Melbourne and more). So if you hear of them playing, go see them.

Lastly, a contradiction, no? Why would you have a playground with signs all over it saying, "No climbing please"??

All Townsvillians - or people headed to Townsville - go check out Riverway. It's great.

This was NOT a paid advertisement, but I think Thuringowa City Council should pay me...!


Blogger Val said...

What an amazing place, the pools are beautiful! Such style!

3:38 am  
Blogger Val said...

All I can say is: Wow!

9:44 am  
Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Those pools are amazing. What a beautiful place!

7:58 am  
Blogger Miss Eagle said...

Tanya, I am a former Thuringowan. Is this part of that new development on Upper Ross River Road where I assume the bridge across to Douglas is now finished? Please advise. Is it only free for now? Surely not into the far, far future.

11:11 am  

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