27 July, 2006

The good, the bad and the ugly

No Thursday Thirteen today. My mind is a blank and I can't think of 13 cool things to say. So here are some pics instead.

Some things arrived in the mail over the past couple of days. One was this fabulous top created by my beautiful sister. Actually, the top was already mine (I had wondered where that had gone) but the funky creation was Michelle's. So purple. So giraffe. So ME!!

The top arrived with this cute bunny. Is it a bunny? It is illegal to keep real rabbits up here in Queensland (something about them being considered a Class 2 pest...) so this is as close as I get. Not that I want a real one... This little guy was made out of 10c remnants Michelle picked up from Spotlight while she was here. I think.

So that was the good. Now we get to the bad. Remember how I mentioned I had run a red light? And how I hoped there was no film in the camera? No such luck.

And now to the ugly. Some may think. I actually like these pictures. I bought an easel the other day and have gone exploring the countryside and painting...

...Jackson Pollock-style.


Blogger Alice said...

Isn't that giraffe just gorgeous - Shelle did a fantastic job, and there's something so elegant about the giraffe shape.

Second photo - *#!^+**%$#@

I quite like those paintings although if they are meant to be a true depiction of the countryside --- might I suggest a visit to an optician???

BUT - if they one day fetch $54m then I promise not to laugh!

8:03 pm  
Blogger shellyC said...

you are so welcome!!!

LOVE the paintings...how much paint gets left in the bush?

10:02 pm  
Blogger Tanya said...

The original aim of the paintings was to try to capture the colours that I see in the landscape, as opposed to capturing the actual images I see. I did that in the first one, but if that were the case for the second one, you'd be excused for thinking it was some murder in the snow or something (all red, blue and white).

And the paint in the bush - collateral damage. Though it's all non-toxic watercolour, so hopefully not TOO damaging.

10:08 pm  
Blogger Carmen said...

i like the shirt! :)

11:12 pm  
Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I love what your sister did to your shirt...how thoughtful and appropriate. We hardly ever see cute little bunnies running around here...the cayoties have eaten most of them. We consider it a blessing when we spot one. We must have different types of bunnies than you.

The bunny made of scraps is delightful and I think your mom's comment about your paintings was very funny...She has a wonderful sense of humor.

Too bad about the ticket though. I have been waiting for one for several months and I think I am in the clear...My daughter kept making U-Turns (in my car) when it was clearly marked that you weren't supposed to in Atlanta, Georgia and it also had posted that you were being filmed by one of those traffic cameras. I told my daughter that I was giving the ticket to her, to pay, when it arrived. *LOL*

1:12 am  
Blogger Lisa said...

Bummer on that red light! I keep waiting until I end up getting one. How can you even argue then! Have a great day!

6:35 am  
Blogger Val said...

Love the giraffe shirt (of course!). Michelle is a good sister to have. Cleve to "steal" your shirt while she was there!

2:41 pm  
Blogger DellaB said...

Hi Tanya, I just popped over from your comment at Val's place.

We watched the movie Pollock on DVD during the week - I hadn't been introduced to his paintings before, and seeing them for the first time in the movie way to see them, I reckon - a good education - have you seen it?

Your pictures look really good.

7:22 pm  

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