18 October, 2006


I guess I'm updating here because I don't want to completely abandon this site.

And because I like making work for myself.


Have been to Brisbane (for work).

Have been playing sport.

Have injured myself playing sport (see here

Have been caught in the rain cycling home.

Have been pottering in the garden.

Have been quilting.

Have been eating at the annual Greekfest.

Have been swimming.

And have been buying books. In Brisbane. All very cheap - so in this instance I have judged a book by it's cover (or title - "swimming with the jellyfish" just sounds like an awesome book).

What have you all been doing?

Hope everyone and everything in blogland is great :)

Edited to add: I tried to upload a photo and of course, Blogger is being it's usual temperamental self. So I won't. But there are lots of pictures on Flickr. And I still hope everyone is well.

Edited again to add: Thanks, Kerri - link should now work.

Edited yet again to add: Tried again to upload a picture and it worked. These are books I bought in Brisbane and was talking about.


Blogger Kerri said...

I've been watching the leaves fall, and not talking.....since I lost my voice on Monday.
Now, where did I put it?
My hubby is enjoying the peace and quiet :)

1:05 pm  
Blogger Kerri said...

I clicked the link but it won't take me to your blog. Says it doesn't exist, but I can create one called The Purple Giraffe if I want to. Huh? I don't want to! That's my friend Tanya's blog!!
Where are you Tanya dear??
So sorry you hurt yourself. Hope you're OK now.

1:12 pm  
Blogger Jeanette said...

Nice post. sorry you hurt yourself hope not to serious
Well what have I done today
i had visitors, went shopping, went and fed my daughters dog minding her cat at my house fed my dog then visited a sick friend then was dinner time then just relaxed and checked out a few blogs thats was my day

12:23 am  

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