09 September, 2006

The sunbirds are back

I was sitting at my computer just now when a little female sunbird decided to pay me a visit. She was very obliging in posing while I snapped picture after picture (these were the clear ones, taken through the dirty window). I even took a bit of film, but that turned out pretty crap, so I won't subject you to that. Isn't she sweet? She's about 7cm high in real life. Yes, that's my washing in the background. She was sitting on the clothesline.


Blogger Alice said...

Very good of her to pose for you. Is her song as beautiful as her plumage?

5:21 pm  
Blogger Lee said...

Don't you just love Sunbirds...I adore them. When I was living on Newry Island, north of Mackay, I had a pair build their little pod (hangs down at the end of a woven cord) wherein the female laid her two eggs...that's all she will lay at a time. Their 'nest' was almost touching my window sill, which was quite low and my two cats never once bothered to enquire or disturb the little family. The sunbirds must have known this as they confidently went about their daily duties.

10:49 am  
Blogger Jeanette said...

this sunbird is truly posing for the camera Like Alice is her song as lovely as she is?

7:53 pm  
Blogger DellaB said...

Tanya, she's beautiful! How good you are with bird pics, are you sure you didn't put glue on the clothesline?

BTW - I found some pics of where I used to live in Townsville digging through the old photos yesterday. Not from back then, but from a trip I took in the late 80's. If I cannot find a way to post them, I will send them to you, if thats okay?

also - I read your comments about Peter Brock, then I read your post about the hair-raising drive you had the previous day. Makes you think, doesn't it? [haha-just say 'yes,mum..']- sorry alice..

11:29 am  
Blogger Kerri said...

These shots are fantastic Tanya! Lucky you to see this little beauty close-up like that. She must've known you had a blog, and decided she wanted to be star. She certainly is imortalized now, in all her glory.
A gorgeous little creature! Thanks for sharing your experience :)

12:19 pm  
Blogger Wendy A said...

Wow What a cool bird. Love the elegant beak. Looks like something someone would want to paint.

9:09 pm  
Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

What a pretty little sunbird and with such a large curved beak.

10:36 am  

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