03 September, 2006

The cane fire

For perspective, consider that the cane (the dark grassy-looking stuff below the fire is at least 2 metres tall. Then you see the flames are about 10 metres high. Was very spectacular. And noisy.


Blogger Lee said...

Thanks for the pic....it takes me back to when I was living in Yorkey's Knob...and for a while there, I lived in a house, which was part of a cane property on the highway end of Yorkey's Knob Road. Come time for the burning of the cane, I would sit either on the front steps or on the deck at the rear, glass of wine in hand, to marvel at the cane fires. My favourite cassette at the time (this was in the late '80's) was Graeme Connors' "A Little Further North Each Year". I would play it, in particular, the track 'Let the Cane Fires Burn'. I loved that time, the sun had receded in the west and the sky was lit up by the surrounding cane fires. It was magical. (As I couldn't get the audio on your pic, I feel perhaps that is the song you have playing!)

6:24 am  
Blogger Kerri said...

Nope, sounded like a fire to me :) (not 'Let the Cane Fires Burn')
Neat video. Thanks!
I also meant to comment on the kapok flowers. You've really taken some wonderful photos! Those are beautiful trees. I've never seen them before.
Good luck with Wordpress.......

9:12 am  
Blogger Val said...

Well done with that video (I could hear the flames crackling too). What a light and sound show that must be. When we stayed near Mossman about 10 years ago, the cane was very tall, and so thick. Wouldn't fancy going in there (great place for large rats, I hear). Being a rail freak, I was disappointed that the cane railway wasn't in use then, although I can imagine it would really cause traffic chaos as the tracks criscrossed the road quite often.

Re your previous post, loved the photo of the brolgas, I've never seen them outside zoos.

11:21 am  
Blogger DellaB said...

Hi Tanya, more memories - some I share with Lee sounds like. Many many years ago when I was in my teens, a few of the boys in our group (this was in Townsville) got jobs in the cane season up near Cairns and we girls went up to spend a week-end. They were housed in this tiny little cabin right on the edge of the cane fields. At night we sat on the verandah and watched the flames, it was quite scary as we seemed to be surrounded, but it was also spectacular.

At the time we never gave a thought to the many creatures that run from the fire, but thinking back we must also have been surrounded by snakeys and toads and all those other lovely Nth Queensland critters!

thanks - I'll go and have a look at your new site too..

8:44 am  

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