08 September, 2006


What is with this week? I just heard on the radio that Peter Brock was killed today in a rallying accident in Perth. Two Aussie icons in one week? This is just awful, awful news. There is an article about it here. I just don't have words...


Blogger shellyC said...

yep that makes it one shitty week!!!

7:35 pm  
Blogger Paige said...

It has been tragic losses this week. But when He wants us home, we will go.
Sending hopes of a Happy Weekend

3:56 am  
Blogger Lee said...

Yep...ditto it has been a very shitty week. Then to top it all off the 'anniversary' of 9/11!

I'm going to don my happy gear for this coming week...let's hope there is no more tragic news.

10:50 am  

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