11 September, 2006

Search engine terms

For those that loved the sunbird pictures, I have more. Many, many more. I started taking pictures and the bird just wouldn't leave. We had a stand-off and she won: I gave up and walked away the most weak willed. The male is a little more flighty and doesn't linger when he sees the camera. And for those that asked, they're not much for singing. It's generally the male that sings, I believe, so it's been pretty quiet. Still they're so nice to look at that I don't mind if they don't have much to say.

I'm still posting both here and
there and one of the things I love about blogging over there is that I can find out what terms people used in a search engine that led them to my site. You can probably do this at Blogger as well, but I don’t know how. I’ve only had this site for a week or two but still, there have been heaps of hits from people using the strangest search terms. I love checking these out - it can be very entertaining. Here, in bold, are some of the most colourful:

pictures of someone tripping. Now I don’t know if they’re referring to a drug trip or a drunken stumble, but I don’t think I have any pictures of either. But one of my categories for posts is “tripping around” which implies travelling - not a drugged or drunken stupor.

pictures of piecing of the penis. I think this person may have meant “piercing.” Whether the spelling mistake led them to my site or not, I can guarantee I didn’t have what they were looking for.

how do style my hair home like salo. I think they ran out of space and there is supposed to be an “n” at the end. Still, wrong place to find those answers (glad nobody can see my regular hairstyle - eek)!!

images of fairy floss. Hmmm - have I even written about fairy floss in a post? Or fairies? Ever? Hell, I don’t think I’ve even written about flossing (I’m saving that one up for when I’m really bored).

photo of giraffe penis. Again, giraffe - yes, understandable. There were a lot of terms that contained the word giraffe. But giraffe penis - WTF?

cheetah and teal bedroom stuff. Mmmmm, lovely combination. Teal is one of my favourite colours - I liked it so much that my Year 10 formal dress was teal with black polka dots and lots of ruffles and frills and bows and patent (vinyl) high heels with bows at the back and black stockings with polka dots that matched the dress and IT WAS THE 80s, LEAVE ME ALONE!!! But no, no teal or cheetahs in my bedroom at any time, I’m afraid.

Germaine “The Stain” Greer. I can see how this one reached me. All I can say is, “The Stain? I agree.”

turtles breathing butt. I did talk about Steve Irwin discovering the
butt breathing turtle, but didn’t think someone would use similar terms in a search engine to find it.

why so much purple in paint. That’s the question we all want answered! I hope this person found the answer to this existential dilemma.

pictures of clean homes. And they got sent to my site. Hilarious!!!!!

crocs with pantyhose. This is probably my favourite. I can only assume they’re talking about the shoes, rather than the reptile. And for anyone who is wondering, crocs (the shoes) and pantyhose are NOT an acceptable fashion statement!

picture of bird poop. Yeah, I think some of my photos are bad too, and sometimes I even call them crap, but to call them bird poop is just rude!


Blogger Emma said...

Those are so funny! I use Statcounter on my blog , and it tells you where the reader came from (a lot come from your blog, actually!) The google referrals list the words searched in the address, someone came to me four times in the last couple of days looking for fairy toadstool cakes. Now I have one of those, and I guess she liked it since she kept coming back!


7:38 am  
Blogger Lee said...

Those penises keep popping up their heads, Tanya...no pun intended! ;)

10:36 am  
Blogger Kerri said...

Morning coffee funnies!
I like to start off my day with a good chuckle :)
Thanks Tanya.

11:30 pm  
Blogger PEA said...

Lol I use Site Meter and it tells me everything also about my visitors...some of the search words are just too funny and even funnier that it brings them to our blogs! One time it showed that the Canadian Mounted Police had gone on my site...UH OH!!!!

6:53 am  
Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

These are funny, but I don't use site meters or search engines. It would probably be very hilarious to see how some people find my site.

10:39 am  
Blogger Carol said...

Those are too funny! I wonder if some of those people were pleasantly surprised, or were they ticked off to get to your blog when what they really wanted was ... other parts of things! I came to your blog via someone else's blog. When I saw Giraffe, I couldn't resist.

1:19 pm  
Blogger DellaB said...

LOL Tanya, very funny indeed, and now of course I have to go and look too. I have resisted using a counter or meter on the blog, though I do monitor the actual turningsixty website, but this is too good to miss seeing.

I have to find a comment-notifier too, I enjoy the 'chat' aspect of the blogs, following the conversations that go on in the comments; but I sometimes forget where I went, and where I meant to go back to.

I saw a mention of a site that tracks comments you leave and when another comment is made on the same site, now, where did I see that? hmmm

7:30 am  
Blogger JL said...

Greetings Tanya,
I must admit that for an earthling you have a great sense of humor. Those of us here on planet oHIo are collectively laughing our asses off. That being said, we were wondering if you really have a 'purple' giraffe ? If not, we could transport one (1) to you for a small fee (just shipping charges - no gain for us). We have several roaming the great halls of the palace & though they are a sight to behold, they do tend to make a mess. Soooo if you would take good care of it, we can make arrangements for you to have one (1) - I think Bejaja would be a nice fit with your style. Please let me know if we can drop her off on our next trip through your planetary system. Thanks & have a good day - 1sick1 (closest earth spelling)

12:30 am  

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