15 May, 2006

Cyclone Larry update

Whoa! Where have I been? Helping out with the baby. Working far too much. Driving around the north. I even forgot (yes, FORGOT) about the last Thursday Thirteen. Will try to remember the next and make it extra special.

Yesterday I decided to take a trip up to Innisfail. Cyclone Larry hit several weeks ago now, so I'm not sure if it was catastrophe or recovery I was seeing. I didn't take any pictures of people's homes (I figured they had been through enough and didn't need their personal tragedy plastered across the internet - even if it was on my little blog), though I did notice two that had no roof and no walls. With cars in the driveway as though people were actually living there. There were still tarps on many roofs, though many more had been repaired. This was obvious by the fact that the old, decrepit Queenslanders often had shiny new tin roofs (no, this is not the land of tile or Colorbond roofing). I didn't get many pictures of the rainforest either, though the recovery looks to be happening pretty quickly. Many road signs were twisted pieces of metal on the side of the road, or they just didn't exist anymore. And one thing that I didn't expect were signs all over the place warning drivers to slow down because homeless and disoriented cassowaries had been sighted in the area. Though I didn't see any. Dammit.

Possibly the best thing to happen to a McDonalds sign?

Innisfail hotel.

This tree, in an Innisfail park, would have spread at least 20 metres from the trunk. Now it is just branches with a bit of regrowth. At least it's recovering....

Banana casualties. This picture doesn't show it, but at the base are countless small, unripe bananas, rotting.

Twisted metal on the roof of a huge shed.

I don't think this place was cleaned up yet. Or, if it was, I'd hate to see it just after the cyclone hit.

More snapped branches.

A survivor.


Blogger Wendy A said...

Bananas are sure expensive here in Tassie. Guess we should feel lucky we weren't hit.

8:28 pm  
Blogger Kerri said...

Thanks for the update and pics. Interesting to see what things look like in Innisfail. Poor people...what a terrible ordeal. Looks like they're making a great come-back though.

12:21 am  

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