17 April, 2006


Oooooh, I love those words! Melli over at Insanity Prevails has tagged me for a six weird things meme (I don't think it actually has a title, but anyway). I'm to find six weird things about myself and then tag six people to do this too. Fun, fun. But I'm just so normal. How can I find six weird things?

1. I just noticed that it's weird that the word 'weird' doesn't follow the "I before E except after C rule." Okay, I'm not talking about weird things about me here, just how pedantic I am about spelling. Maybe that's weird thing number 1 - bad writing (spelling and grammer) drives me INSANE. Reading a few errors in a blog is fine - who can be bothered to go back and correct a typo once the post has been published? Not me! Often. But if I'm at work and I'm reading a document that hasn't been checked for errors, I start to get palpitations and headaches and an urge to call the author and abuse them. I haven't acted on that ... so far. And those who only use the spellchecker to correct their documents and nothing else (this has particular relevance if a person has used US English throughout their work instead of Australian English because there are SO MANY differences between US and Australian spelling). Okay, spelling rant is over.

2. I have heaps of recipes. Many from the internet. I even have a folder on my computer labelled Recipes. And in that are sub-folders divided into entree, mains, desserts, etc. And I HATE cooking. I think that, of these, the only recipe I used was one for paella - and I'm not even a big fan of seafood. Which leads me to...

3. I recently found out I have a cholesterol reading of 4.1. Which is really normal and healthy and I should be proud of it and all. But my doctor told me I should eat more fish, anyway. I don't like to eat fish (love the taste but have overfishing issues). And I'm not too keen on the doctor. I bought fish oil capsules so I don't have to eat the fish (and hope I am not contributing to global overfishing by doing so). And am changing doctors. Not because of her weird advice, just because I think she's not very nice.

4. I quilt a lot. And started because my brother's ex started doing it and I thought, "anything she can do I can do better." And I can. But I'm not catty, or anything. Really I'm not.... I just started and found it was relaxing. And functional. Well, not so much when you live in the tropics and have a need for a quilt maybe one week out of the year, but still...

5. I can't give away any quilts unless I make them with the intention of giving them away. Consequently, I have a LOT of quilts in my house. So when people come to visit, they'll alway be rugged up and will never get cold. Forget the fact that they won't get cold because it's the tropics and anything below 20˚C starts rumours that the next ice age has begun, and speculation that global warming is just another government conspiracy theory...

6. Even though I lived overseas for seven years, I have an amazing urge to up and leave again. There are so many places I have to see. My next adventure will be a tiger safari from the back of an elephant, followed by wandering aimlessly through Sri Lanka and India. But dammit, I have to work. So am hunting for a sugar daddy. Or a winning lottery ticket.

Woohoo! That's six weird things about me. Trust me, there are SO MANY more. I now have to tag six others. You don't have to answer these, but I chose you guys coz I'd really like to see six weird things about you all. And aside from ShellyC, I don't know much about any of you. The six people I tag will be:

1. ShellyC

2. doubleknot

3. surfing free

4. Sandy

5. Lady Rose

6. Wendy (I really want to know six weird things that happened on your o/s trip...)

Note that I was going to tag Carmen, but she has been tagged eight million (okay, three) times already and I didn't want her to feel TOO popular :)


Blogger Melli said...

WOW! Great list! I wish my weird things were as interesting as these! I'm am boring! LOL! I'm glad that you were so tickled to be tagged - and that you had so much fun with it! And I thank you for playing! Yes I do! :)

11:39 pm  
Blogger doubleknot said...

I'll try to play - there certainly must be six weird things about me.

5:55 am  
Blogger Surfing Free said...

Well Weirdy Miss Weirdo, thanks very much for the tag. I am not sure that once I start revealing my weirdness I will be able to stop, but I will definitely try.

And thanks for your kind words while my daughter was sick. I loved all of the bloggy support I got. It's amazing (maybe weird?!)how much it means :)
Daughter number two is home and well again.

10:51 am  
Blogger The Red Queen said...

I have been bouncing around Thur. 13 sites to decide if I want to join in and I discovered you and that are also a quilter. I checked out your photos and you do some beautiful work.

I am always doing quilts for others and so I do not allow myself to get attached- well that was until this year, I just started a block of the month and this baby is all mine*wink*

11:40 pm  
Blogger Finn said...

Morning, hope this finds you fine and fit! And gosh, it's Thursday in downunder?? Amazing...LOL It's barely Wed here in the USA.

Love your weirdness...especiall noticing that weird breaks the i before e rule...*VBS*

And you've found new blog buttons, how fun is that!!

12:01 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wait a minute...quilting is weird?

8:35 am  

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