16 March, 2006


Okay, this one is a bit of a cop-out. I'm running late with posting this week's thirteen. It is Thursday night, Australian time. And then, I couldn't think of thirteen cool things, but just remembered an article in the paper on the weekend that gave me a bit of a chuckle. So here are thirteen signs with a sense of humour.

1. Sign over a gynaecologist office: "Dr. Jones, at your cervix."
2. In a podiatrist's office: "Time wounds all heels."
3. On a septic tank truck in Oregon: "Yesterday's Meals on Wheels."
4. On a plumber's truck: "Don't sleep with a drip. Call your plumber."
5. At a tyre shop: "Invite us to your next blowout."
6. At a towing company: "We don't charge an arm and a leg. We want tows."
7. On a maternity room door: "Push, push, push."
8. At an optometrist's office: "If you don't see what you're looking for, you've come to the right place."
9. Outside a muffler shop: "No appointment necessary. We hear you coming."
10. In a veterinarian's waiting room: "Be back in five minutes. Sit! Stay!"
11. At the electric company: "We would be delighted if you send in your payment. However, if you don't, you will be."
12. In the front yard of a funeral home: "Drive carefully. We'll wait."
13. In a radiator shop: "Best place in town to take a leak."

Finally, a sign which I adore!!

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Blogger Carol said...

VERY funny! I loved them! Thanks for visiting my 13!

10:09 pm  
Blogger Scouser said...

Lol, I absolutely love them. Tank you for visiting my 13

10:54 pm  
Blogger Carmen said...

Not lame at all! Funny stuff! The at your cervix one made me snort. Ha.

My 13 is up http://carmenhasgonetoplaid.blogspot.com/

11:12 pm  
Blogger Denise said...

Those are great!!!

LOVE them all!

Mine are up.


11:41 pm  
Blogger FrogLegs said...

LOL!! That's great-- love #8, and the actual sign-- that should be EVERYWHERE. I'm amazed how many parents don't mind their children while off and about. My TT is up!

12:55 am  
Blogger PJ said...

I have never heard these. Funny stuff. Thanks for visiting my blog.

1:02 am  
Blogger Ginger said...

I like the last one too.. I'd take the puppy, but my kid with espresso? Ugh.

1:58 am  
Blogger Kimmy said...

I was going to post these, too. How funny!

And I love that sign!

3:00 am  
Blogger Norma said...

These are wonderful. Esp. the vet's office.

Thanks for stopping by my TT.

3:19 am  
Blogger Lena said...

Tanya - if this is a "cop-out" why am I laughing so hard??? Love it! I copied it and emailed it to all my girlfriends. Thanks! ;)

3:49 am  
Blogger Kelly said...

Great list!
I especially like the last sign!
I also like the electric company one!

Happy Thursday!
Mine are up.
Diary of the Nello

4:16 am  
Blogger Lingerie Lady said...

I love that sign - why didn't I think of that when I had a retail store and people did not mind their children?

My Thursday Thirteen are up

4:47 am  
Blogger Master Enigma said...

The puppy expresso sign is the best.

I once saw a sign in a diner that said, "Our sandwhiches are so fresh we have to slap them twice a day!"

All signs point to my 13 at http://akaenigma.blogspot.com/

5:39 am  
Blogger mar said...

I loved them all! My TT is up!

6:48 am  
Blogger Libragirl said...

Those are hysterical..doesn't matter how many times you see them.

My tt are up. I liked through Kimmy

9:33 am  
Blogger Mama B said...

LOL....OMG...I love that sign!

2:46 am  
Blogger Val said...

Too funny. I must admit that when i first read these yesterday I didn't get the one about the electric company being delighted (must have been having a slow day), but today the light went on (groan!).

9:35 am  
Blogger Kerri said...

Good for a chuckle. Love the unattended children sign....I could give them a kitten (maybe).

3:30 am  

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