07 March, 2006

Am so old....

Happy birthday to me. Today I celebrated by doing a training course for work - all about State law and what to do if I'm ever called up to court to give evidence as an "expert" witness (or someone who just stumbled across information that could be used in court). Yes, the course is as dry as it sounds and I have two more days of it. It does get me out of the office, so maybe that's a good thing. I get to avoid the birthday hoopla that just makes me feel old. I did, however, receive a great present from my sister - a "Bag It" bag, a "Bag It" purse, shoes, and a top. I also received a pair of brown boots which I wore today (need to learn how to walk in high heels again) because it was raining - which is close enough to cold weather here.

It's also my Dad's birthday today - so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him.

Kerri gave me some tips on how to post multiple pics through Hello (which I know my mother had told me, but I forgot... or something) so I thought I'd use the new advice. Here is the quilt drama I've been having this past week.

This is the baby quilt I was making for a friend. Awful, no? It was only after I had pieced all of it that I decided it was just too bad to continue. So I unpicked it. All of it, save for two 9-patch blocks that I could use in the refined version. No, I'm not fussy at all. I did, however, run out of the fish fabric and today I had to buy more dark green fabric.
This is the new version. I'm still not completely happy with it as I think the colours are a bit gross, but I didn't choose them. So I won't have much of a problem giving this away. I'll put a thin dark green border on it and bind it in fish fabric. The back will be dark green as well, but I'll quilt it in thread the same colour as the fish, so there will be a contrast on the back. I now have a heap of the pale green squiggly fabric which I'll have to find a use for. Posted by Picasa


Blogger shellyC said...



PS. I do love the quilt!!!!

6:38 pm  
Blogger Alice said...

Isn't blogging grand. The advice about multiple photo postings came from an American in Melbourne, sent to an Australian in Canberra, sent to an Australian in New York State, and sent back to an Australian in Townsville.

I like the second quilt much better. Have you seen the Zoey's patchwork? Check it out - Link is on my blog.

6:54 pm  
Blogger Wendy A said...

The second quilt is much improved. You did the right thing. I admire your persistance and patience.

Happy Birthday Tanya!

I found a good stiff drink helps pass the birthday quicker (however the next morning you might really feel older)

6:09 am  
Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

First of all...
Happy Birthday!

I like the changes to your quilt...very nice.
You are very patient to undo all that you first did to your quilt...but sometimes we must, if we aren't satisfied with our work.

7:09 am  
Blogger jill said...

Happy Birthday! I love both versions of the quilt but understand completely that sometimes we just have to rip it and begin again. That is one of the joys of quilt making...no mistake is forever unless you want it to be.
Hope you did something wonderful for yourself!

1:04 pm  

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