20 March, 2006

More on Larry

Well, I slept like crap, so now feel like crap. Kept getting up every few hours to make sure the ocean wasn't in my living room (I'm one of the suckers in a low-set house in a low-lying area). The ocean was still close to where it should be.

It's now the morning. The cyclone, now a Category 5 is set to cross between Innisfail and Mission Beach in an hour or so.

Threat map from last night

Threat map image from this morning

Have told a work colleague "fuck going to work" - she agreed. I'd be safe here, and safe there, but not safe between to two. And my poor car - couldn't lend that to Larry (I bet he's a terrible driver). Plus - how productive would I be there, when I'm imagining a coral reef establishing itself in my bathroom?

Am trying to post a few pictures. I have a feeling the more spectacular (??!) ones will be taken soon.


Blogger Bellicose Woman said...

Looks like it has made landfall. Hope you are doing ok. (And still have electric so you can read this.)

Good luck from someone who lives in a hurricane alley north of the equator. We'll be seeing them a few months from now, I expect.

8:14 am  
Blogger Jan said...

What a nice site, came apon it by accident. Well Tanya its almost 2 yrs since Larry came ashore how are things now?
Weather has been awful this wet seasonbut as you know we are a tough lot and "get over it".
Jan, Townsville

2:38 pm  

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