19 March, 2006

Larry update

This morning I decided it was time to do a bit of grocery shopping. I also thought I should buy some spare batteries and maybe a portable radio, since all the communication systems in my home require electricity. I thought I'd be in and out. Actually, no. I just didn't think. I walked right into CYCLONE PANIC!! The lines for the checkouts actually curled all the way around the supermarket. People were pushing and shoving to get at supplies. But here is my question. If you're stocking up for three days of power failure, why are you buying icecream??? A worker was standing at the battery section just filling up the shelves, which were being emptied as fast as they were filled. People had trolleys full of cans of coke (ever so essential) and toilet rolls. Since I only had to get a few things, it was almost fun to watch. Then I had to get in the line to pay! The express lane still took about 20 minutes to get through (and that's where trashy women's magazines come in handy. I now know all about Britney's second pregnancy, Reese's marriage problems and Bec and Lleyton's child's bodily functions. Riveting stuff.

After the supermarket, I went to the bottle shop. Hey, if I'm housebound for the next day or two, I may as well have alcohol keep me company. It will be a good time to read some of the dozens of books I have waiting to be read. Books and wine - what better combination??

The eerie thing about the cyclone is that, until about a minute ago, the air was dead calm. Overcast and REALLY humid, but not a breath of wind. Now there are gusts that will slam a door, but that dies off really quickly. We're getting hourly weather updates on tv now. I'll be able to go to tennis this afternoon, but I'm not too sure about going to work tomorrow. Will have to wait and see what happens. Larry is now a Category 4 cyclone, which is the strongest we've had near Townsville since 1971.
The latest map from the Bureau of Meteorology.


Blogger Alice said...

Tanya, my dear - I hope you are home now, reading quietly and sipping chilled wine. Are you in danger of being washed away if the Ross River floods? Is it exciting or just plain boring? Although I'm being flippant, I seriously hope you will be okay.

5:48 pm  
Blogger Tanya said...


So far all is good. Though my crazy Irish neighbour doesn't think the cyclone will hit, so he hasn't secured all the crap in his yard. And as he is in the middle of renovating and his house resembles a tent with a wooden frame, there is a lot of crap! A friend called in a panic about the predicted 3 metre tides, and the lady across the road has left her house in a panic, not to return until it's all over.

It rained during tennis, on and off, and was windy at times. Actually, a gust of wind would only come up when I was serving, hence all my serves were rubbish...

So now it's just boredom. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Similar to that day we waited for the Canberra bushfires to unleash their fury on us. At least I have quilting to do while I wait.

6:30 pm  
Blogger adrian said...

Ah, any chance of an update. Maybe some images if it's not too dangerous. Sounds like you're gunna cop it so take care, it's a nasty one.

6:29 am  

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