30 October, 2006

Another film

The crocodile. He looks like he's being carried through the water, but it's an illusion created by the wind whipping up the water combined with my poor cinematography skills. The croc was about two metres long (from where I was standing - which was a very safe distance away). Apologies for the poor quality and the background noise.

29 October, 2006


Hopefully this works... This is a short piece of a wallaby and I sharing afternoon tea. A tortilla to be exact. The wallaby turned down the olives so I had those to myself. I apologise for the occasional sounds of wind - it was a really windy day, as is often the case in Cooktown. And the camera operator should be fired (that's me). But I love the sounds of the birds in the background as much as anything else. Enjoy.
I will be writing more about the trip soon - most likely over here. And there are load of pictures over on Flickr now.

27 October, 2006

Have just returned from a whirlwind week away - Atherton Tablelands, Chillagoe, Cooktown, Daintree Village, Cape Tribulation, Port Douglas, Cairns and home again, with many stops in between. Am exhausted and will write all about it tomorrow once I've slept...

Just tried to post one measly picture of the trip (of the >500 I took) but Blogger is being it's usual self. There should be some up on Flickr now (or really soon).

Edited to add: I have written about it over here if you want to check out the saga and some more pictures.

18 October, 2006


I guess I'm updating here because I don't want to completely abandon this site.

And because I like making work for myself.


Have been to Brisbane (for work).

Have been playing sport.

Have injured myself playing sport (see here

Have been caught in the rain cycling home.

Have been pottering in the garden.

Have been quilting.

Have been eating at the annual Greekfest.

Have been swimming.

And have been buying books. In Brisbane. All very cheap - so in this instance I have judged a book by it's cover (or title - "swimming with the jellyfish" just sounds like an awesome book).

What have you all been doing?

Hope everyone and everything in blogland is great :)

Edited to add: I tried to upload a photo and of course, Blogger is being it's usual temperamental self. So I won't. But there are lots of pictures on Flickr. And I still hope everyone is well.

Edited again to add: Thanks, Kerri - link should now work.

Edited yet again to add: Tried again to upload a picture and it worked. These are books I bought in Brisbane and was talking about.