01 April, 2007

I'm back

Have just spent three fabulous weeks in Vanuatu. Where the water really does look like this all the time. And the people smile at you and say hello all the time (not like Australia where, if you make eye contact with someone, you're usually treated to a glare). And the weather is fabulous, even during cyclone season (ok, it rained a few days). There are more pictures over on Flickr and more tales over at my other blog.



Blogger doubleknot said...

The color of that water is stunning. Glad you had a fun time. We are right now getting some very needed rain.
Moocher seems happy with his dish sitting in water he just had to learn not to put him foot too close - that was funny watching him shake his foot but no ants in his food.

3:15 am  
Blogger Michael Manning said...

LOve the photo! When I was in the Southwest U.S. people would say "Hi" on walking trails. In the Mid-West it seems different and dicier. So, I get where you're coming from. Have a nice weekend!

2:07 am  

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