16 January, 2007


Whether you usually shop at Woolworths or boycott them for whatever reason, listen up. The CEO of Woolies has pledged that all profits made on 23rd January will be donated to the Country Women’s Association to help farming families struggling through the drought. Let me say that again: ALL their profits from that day will be donated to the CWA. So if you were planning on shopping at Coles the day before, why not wait a day, shop at Woolies and help those who are struggling. It shouldn’t cost you any more than it normally would to do your weekly shop.

Tell everyone you know - call them, email them, write them a letter (and when you do the grocery shopping on the 23rd, maybe take a book for when you’re standing in a queue that resembles a pre-cyclone panic).


Blogger Wendy A said...

Very few people really understand (or have) the whole picture when it comes to big public companies.

Really we should be boycotting the govt. regulating body if we don't care for the public company ethics. Obviously a public company is going to be driven by share prices. That is their obligation to the public (share owners).

I have seen lots of good come from public companies especially in third world countries.

Generous donation by Woolies.

6:46 am  
Blogger catsmum said...

Is it just their Woolworths stores or Safeway as well, do you know?

8:55 pm  

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