16 January, 2006

Photo issues and such

I have added a couple of links to my list of people I stalk every day (Wendy and Brit, I hope you don't mind). Oh, and Wendy, not to scare you or anything... Maybe this sign is meant to be a double warning??

I decided to upload a heap of pictures through blogger. What was I thinking (evidently, I wasn't). After 10 minutes the thing is still saying that the images are being uploaded. So they may be there, and they may not. If they don't show up, they were really amazing pictures, the likes of which cannot be compared. You'll never know what you're missing. And if they do show up, disregard that written in italics.

I have developed a plan for the next quilt. I would say pattern, but it has turned into such a mission, that it is now a plan. Possibly even a blueprint (on green and white graph paper). I was reading in one of my old quilt magazines that Amish quilts always have a deliberate mistake in them, because "no-one is perfect, but God." If I can adopt that rule, then most of my quilts could be considered very Amish, based on the number of mistakes in them. And this latest will be the most Amish of them all, if cutting the fabric was anything to go by. Can somebody please explain why I can't cut in a straight line, even with a ruler and all? I end up using twice the amount of fabric that I need (and more than I have spare). I've done just one block and already there is a mistake in the sewing. If the images ever upload you may see it. Ha! There it is - the first block (don't worry, it will look better...). There isn't going to be nearly that much dark brown in it.

Okay, time to post this thing, and put pictures through Picasa in a bit. If I can be bothered.


Blogger Alice said...

When I enlarge your photo, I really love your fabrics, even though I'd probably never have bought them myself.

Re cutting straight - do you actually 'straighten' your fabrics before you cut them? I mean, don't just rely on the selvage as being at right angles to the rest of the weave. I've forgotten exactly how you go about it but I'm sure it's in a book somewhere, or you could ask an assistant in a real patchwork material shop.

6:07 pm  
Blogger Tanya said...

Yeah, I do all that - I'm just unco. That, or the cutter decides to explore other parts of the fabric at will. I think I prefer the second explanation.

6:17 pm  
Blogger Alice said...

Perhaps you need a new cutter blade. I bought one because my other one had had a burr on it ever since I got it. Every few inches there were be two or three threads not cut and I'd have to go back and do it. The new blade is a dream to cut with.

I'll ring you and talk about Hello and photos one day. BTW, I finished the book "Layla's Story". It was very good.

9:39 pm  
Blogger Wendy A said...

Thanks for linking me. I love the croc warning signs. Those are so Aussie. We N.Americans are sure you Aussies can wrestle a croc to the ground single-handed. Rioght?

8:10 am  

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