02 January, 2006


Canberra was great. It was brilliant to catch up with the family and finally have a Christmas with all of us together. I loved spending time with all the family, if only for such a short time. It is depressing that the holiday is almost over and I'm back to work in 12 hours (can you hear me sobbing??). But, I guess most people are in a similar situation.

While waiting for the plane this morning, my mother asked me how my computer was going. I told her, "fine, but every time you asks me that, the computer seems to have a fit and crashes, so don't ask me again." Sure enough, I get home today and the computer was on a go slow for ages, then decided it had had enough and shut itself down. It is now co-operating, but I'm not sure for how long, so this post has been long in coming but will be short in content.

I made it back home (finally) and have been familiarising myself with home. The first thing I did was check the garden: the weeds thrived, the vegies didn't do so well. But, with my Christmas present from Mum and Dad (a gift voucher to a local nursery), I can happily go and replace all I've lost. I was actually prepared to come back to greater horrors that I saw, so I'm not concerned. I am disappointed to notice that the sandflies and mosquitoes are still out in force and I was attacked already when I pulled out some of the big weeds and dead stuff.

I unpacked soon after I arrived home. My bag is now empty. However, I'm still to move the clothes from the lounge room.....

.... but there's plenty of time for that.

I'm now off to call in for takeaway. I have no food in the house (that I feel like cooking) and I'm still on holiday so can eat junk for one more day!! Posted by Picasa


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