21 December, 2005

My version of our trip to the lake!!

Yesterday morning mum and I walked around Lake Tuggeranong. Let me clarify a couple of things. The pictures she posted, though very beautiful, were not all that was there. The following are the pictures I took. I am especially proud of the last one. Mum eventually did stop commenting on how disgraceful it was that not only would idiots throw shopping trollies in the lake, but that no-one would bother to get them out again (I guess after the 20th trolly, she must have been tired of repeating herself...). But on the plus side, they are a good indicator of the water level (unless there are about 20 metres of trollies stacked on top of each other, of course). And the flies!! Gotta love the Aussie summer. But it really was an enjoyable walk, and maybe next time I'm in Canberra I'll do it again. Maybe....

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Blogger Sonia said...

Tanya, I wish to you and your family a Happy and Merry Christmas.
Have a New Year filled with peace and love.

10:36 pm  

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