15 January, 2006

The garage sales

I need some help. Yesterday, I went to Spotlight to find these fabrics on sale. I got a metre of each, and two metres of the darker fabric (a discontinued line that they were selling for $3 per metre). What do I do with it all???? I'm going to make a quilt of some sort, but inspiration for designing one was runnning low yesterday. And I ought to come up with something quick before the sale ends (whenever that is), otherwise if I need more fabric, I won't be able to afford it... Ah, I'll come up with something!

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What else did I do yesterday? I went to a heap of garage sales (note to self: never go to a garage sale when you have no money) and all I could afford was a wok (never used) for $3. There were some chairs that I wanted to paint, and someone was selling a perfectly functional microwave for $40, and a set of 3 esky's for $30. I had $20 for the day. I should have got the chairs...!
It does amaze me what kind of junk people try to sell and the prices they ask for them. I'm not a mechanic, but maybe rusted car parts are worth hundreds of dollars. And broken wooden chairs should go for $300 for the pair. And a pedestal fan should sell for $40 when the same brand is for sale in the shops for $15. Ditto toasters, hairdryers and toasted sandwich makers. And manky old baby clothes - who would want to put a newborn in a moth-eaten (yet still managing to reek of mothballs), stained jumpsuit? Selling for $5? I guess people must try to make some money before they take the stuff to The Salvos. But, even they have standards that are somewhat higher than those of garage sale vendors, and I'm now convinced that they bin a lot of the stuff that gets dumped on their doorstep. However, the car that was selling for $500 AS IS, and looked like it wouldn't make it around the corner before the rust rusted some more and made the car fall apart in the middle of the road (contrary to what the owner insisted) was getting a bit of interest. Particularly from the man who wanted to buy it for his granddaughter. He believed the blurb that it would cost him $200 to get it back on the road legally. Poor girl. He could buy her a bicycle - I survived with that as my only transport for six years. SIX YEARS. But, no more!! Okay, enough ramble. Have a good weekend.


Blogger shellyC said...

I can see something very pale and creamy nad pale green (if your pics are correct)....the dark I would use at the back!!

But that is me speaking..with not much idea about patchwork!!!

7:57 pm  
Blogger Alice said...

Unlike Shelle, I would be inclined to use the dark fabric for highlights, but use sparingly. Again, I've not much idea about patchwork either, except that I love all the quilts you make.

8:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear you on the garage sale thing. I have the same issues, and on ebay. I mean why would I pay 4.50 starting bid for a thomas the tank engine that you are going to ship to me for a whopping 5 dollars?? when I know that I can go the store and buy the whole thing for 7.25 or less (on half off coupon day?) Garage Sale.....EBAy..people look into it!!!!

We often have FRee sales. My husband made a FREE sign and we have had three so far..Huge success...we liqudate our assets every time...(usually around 2am)

7:08 am  

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