09 January, 2006

I'm dreaming....

I took this car for a test drive today. Not this exact car. Because this is one I pinched off the net (lost the site for reference - apologies!!). And it's American (steering wheel is on the wrong side). But other than that, it was the same. Same colour and all. It's a Ford Focus. Very lovely to drive. Though too much out of my price range, even for a 3-year old car. I think. Maybe the bank will let me splash out. Actually, I know they're eager to lend me the money. Unfortunately they're going to want that money back (and some). And the dealer didn't want to trade the car for my bicycle. Sigh. Oh, but the joy of not having to cycle in 34 degrees and 98% humidity will be such a joy. To drive in comfort with the aircon on... oh, it will be heaven. I'd just have to get used to the indicator being on the left hand side - I only put the windscreen wipers on twice during the test drive, though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm still kinda bummed that Santa didn't bring me mini van for christmas myself. Although socks are nice too..

Hope your mission goes better.

1:55 am  

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