15 January, 2006

My parents gave me a gift voucher to a local nursery for Christmas this year.

Yesterday I spent part of it on this pot and plant. People can see through the window into the house when they're near the front door, so this is hopefully a bit of a shield to that.

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Blogger Alice said...

... and it didn't need to come home on your bike!!!

Very nice. Definitely meets with our approval.

7:19 am  
Blogger Wendy A said...

Lovely, Looks so tropical

8:51 pm  
Blogger Val said...

Tanya, what's that to the right of the plant, a type of lantern?

3:50 pm  
Blogger Tanya said...

Val - yes, it's got a small light bulb at the base. It doesn't give off much light, but does look pretty. A friend has a round one, much bigger, in purple (her favourite colour as well) and the shadows give a beautiful reflection on the roof. This one doesn't though :( It is apparently Balinese, bought from a company that travels around the country selling all manner of Balinese furniture. They're based somewhere in Melbourne (possibly Tullamarine - that's where my credit card bill said I had purchased it). Can't remember the name of the company, though.

4:02 pm  

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