02 December, 2005

Here they are...

A yellow flower. It grows everywhere. It may be a weed. This is by a main road.

This looks like some kind of seed. That grows in some kind of tree that looks like a eucalypt. I could be mistaken, though. That's always possible.

A legume-ey type thing. This one is a weed. Growing on a fence by the train tracks. I am so proud of my knowledge of plants...

Something that I've seen before somewhere. Maybe it's native to here. Maybe it isn't. My knowledge just gets better and better.

Don't ask - I don't know what this is either!!! Considering that my mother is Alice, I should really hang my head in shame.


Blogger Alice said...

Well, Alice doesn't know what they are either, but then, I've not lived in the tropics. Perhaps Kali knows, although they are probably different to flowers around Darwin too. The fourth one looks somewhat similar to the Silk Tree (Albizzia) although the tassels usually hang down, not up. Perhaps a little visit to the local library would yield a book on the flora of Townsville? There must be someone somewhere in a Govt. Dept. who would know what grows wild in the area.

1:06 am  
Blogger Miss Eagle said...

The yellow one looks like an Allamanda. Scrambles on canes with lovely green leaves. There is a single variety which has large open flowers (yours looks like a baby one of these). At Bluewater I had a double one which you don't see too often.

10:16 am  

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