01 December, 2005

A heap of completely unrelated and not very interesting stuff

Chili fabric (what to make out of it?) that I bought from the craft show that made it's way around the country earlier in the year.

Hibiscus somewhere near my house.

My stash box. I bought this for $5 from a garage sale. It was someone's old homemade toolbox. I sanded it back (for about 10 minutes, and then I got bored) and put about three coats of paint on it. Then stencilled it to make it look that little bit more girly and purple-er and generally more suitable for the pile of fabric I was planning (and did) cram into it.

Well, I've just waited SO LONG for pictures to upload that I can't be bothered writing anything. I have no time for anything right now, mainly due to the fact that Christmas is now 25 days away and in 11 days I'm heading for Sydney, then Canberra for the family Christmas and I still am nowhere near finished the big sister's Christmas present. I've even cancelled myself out of the Country B dinner tonight so that I can sew. Not that that's a big deal, since nobody decided on a B country - I think we were all going to go Brazilian, but there are no Brazilian restaurants in Townsville, so we were going to bbq B food on The Strand. Any kind of B food. Next week - we'll either try B again, or launch straight into C: Cambodia, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Chile, Congo, Columbia... the list is endless (though again, we've no C restaurants in this town!). Anyway, back to Michelle's gift. It's a quilt. It contains 121 squares. I have quilted 44. I have 77 to go. Some of the squares I have to go back and do some more to because I came up with a "really cool design" - that takes up more time!! I AM NEVER GOING TO GET IT FINISHED!

Yesterday I got to go to Home Hill. I write "got to" but really, I "had to" - for work. And I had to leave at 7am. Yes, 7am. This is early for me. Home Hill is a tiny sugarcane farming town - lots of cane paddocks and about 10 houses. Okay, maybe there are 20. Home Hill has a great patchwork shop, I hear. I didn't ask my two bosses if they wanted to detour by it on the way home because that would have been odd. Home Hill has a big Canegrowers Hall that was built when the cane farmers in the area made lots of money. The hall hasn't been painted since 1970 (the cane farmers stopped making lots of money). Home Hill has no decent place to buy a cup of coffee. You have to go to Ayr. At 8am, Ayr has no decent place to buy a cup of coffee. We went to McDonalds for coffee. I decided to go without. I then had a crappy cup of tea in a polystyrene cup while sitting in the 3 hour-long meeting in the Canegrowers Hall. I should have got coffee at McDonalds.

I am now going to do more of the quilt. I may drink a decent cup of coffee at the same time.


Blogger judypatooote said...

I love the Hibiscus picture...that was my granddaughter Ali's favorite flower.....there is a hibiscus etched onto her gravestone.... You sound pretty busy.....I have always wanted to quilt, but I just never find time...have a good holiday.....

8:06 pm  

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