27 November, 2005

More tropical stuff:

I don't know what this is (anyone?), but it was really pretty.
the flowers (or clumps of tiny flowers) are about the size of my hand.
Coconut tree (obviously!)
Avocado seeds.
Which I would really like to turn into a tree.
Can anybody tell me how I do that (I'm guessing there may be more to it than just dirt and water to get them started)?


Blogger Alice said...

There are very detailed instructions on growing avocadoes at home available on Google. Hope your does well, Tanya, although I'm not sure if you will ever get fruit from it - well, not in the next four years anyway.

8:06 pm  
Blogger Alice said...

Tanya - your father has just rummaged through his books and found this information.

You can use the fruit from avocadoes purchased from the supermarket in summer. Soak healthy, undamaged seed in hot water, not boiling, for one hour. Insert 3 cocktail sticks into the seed. Fill a glass with water and suspend the seed on its sticks over the water, point-end up, making sure that the flat end is just touching the water, not submerged. Place the seed and container in a warm light place. Top up water as necessary. Germination takes approximately 4 weeks. When there are 2 small roots, pot up into a soil-based compost. Place the container in a warm light environment to grow on at 15C degrees.

8:12 pm  
Blogger Miss Eagle said...

Tanya, have just found your blog through A growing delight. I am an old Townsvillean. I have been in Melbourne for 19 months. I used to live at Bluewater and I had a very pretty shop called Chez Moi at Bundock Street, Belgian Gardens. The tree with the yellow fluffy flower is a Xylothanthus - commonly known as a Golden Penda. They can grow very tall - I'd say about ten to fifteen metres. I had two beautiful specifmens at Bluewater. Am enjoying reading your blog - as you will note have gone back to the beginning and am trying to figure out where you might live. You can go to my blog The Trad Pad at http://tradpad.blogspot.com and email me and tell me if you like.

10:07 am  

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