09 November, 2005

Quick update...

Still haven't heard about job #2 (permanent). Have signed up for job #1 (temporary for 4 years) in the meantime.

Quilts are coming along (baby quilt, that is). Michelle, yours will be done before you need it (next winter...).

Bought plants for the garden. Then scalded lisianthus and tomatoes by watering them too late. Basil and parsley, however, adore their new home. Did the dodgiest hedge trimming job on the hedge near the front door. I now have a pile of sticks growing there. Well, it was 6am when I attempted it.

My travel experiences have finally paid off - was asked to give a work colleagues' daughter travel tips. She seemed grateful and I think I told her a heap of things she'd never even considered. Maybe I should write a book. (Like that would ever get finished-!!)

Can't wait for next week... hopefully you'll soon see why.


Blogger Alice said...

Next week, next week??? Now I really am intrigued.

Hope your 'temporary' job goes well.

What is the hedge by the front door? Hopefully it will recover.

12:08 am  
Blogger Alice said...

Smile? Click? etc. ???

5:13 am  
Blogger shellyC said...

nice to see you back.
christmas would be good for the quilt!
Are you coming back for xmas?

5:58 am  

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