03 October, 2005

The Green Quilt

Yay- I finally uploaded these pictures. It's only taken my half my life. Alright - maybe about half an hour... This is another quilt - my most recent. It's called Indian Summer and it was a free pattern on the internet. I had decided to use a heap of fabrics from a stash that I had so cut out many pieces and sewed a block - and then realised that the colours looked awful together. So a quick dash to Spotlight (when you make as many mistakes as I do, you can't afford the expensive fabric) to get fabric that matched better. I now have about 120 triangles waiting for something they do look good with... I'll probably find them in another five years. The quilt was machine pieced and hand quilted. I would have machine quilted it, but still don't have the hang of that yet. I'm not really sure what shape this blog will take. It probably won't be a quilt blog (since hand quilting takes me forever, it will be a long time between quilts...) but these are the images I took the other week using a friends camera. I'll post other stuff once I get my own camera.

My pedestal fan just spontaneously fell apart. One minute it was standing as it should, the next it was on the floor. What is it with me and appliances? First the fridge, now the fan. Maybe it's a sign that I should be doing work instead of blogging. Or that I shouldn't buy cheap fans from discount shops. Or that I should keep my receipts and warranties (well, I started doing that religiously after I bought the fan). As long as the washing machine, sewing machine and computer decide to stay intact (touch wood) then I shall survive. Though I don't know that I'll do well at surviving the upcoming summer without the fan.


Blogger Alice said...

LOVED the quilt - even more so when I enlarged the photos and found little flowers on the green fabric! But what leaves me absolutely gasping is the quilting; you do such a fantastic job of it. (By the way, can you also sew on buttons or alter hems?) I should have known all those years ago that there was a brilliant artist just waiting for her niche.

Re the fan. Don't know why yours collapsed but proper fans from proper shops don't really cost that much - probably $50 - $70. Can't have you quilting without a fan in the tropics, you know.

3:05 am  
Blogger shellyC said...

WOW!!!! Did you handquilt it too?? Can't wait for mine!!!.....but something far far simpler please!!!

8:02 am  
Blogger Tanya said...

Yes, all hand quilted. Yes, very tedious. No, didn't much enjoy doing it (tried to make myself do an hour each evening just to get it done!). Yours will be way simpler, Michelle, I have the design in my head - will put it on paper and send it soon. If this quilt were a Monet, yours will be a Picasso. Not saying that this is as good as those, but the difference in the two quilts will be huge - yours will be much more modern.

5:38 pm  
Blogger sammy_bunny said...

I love the detail photo of the quilting. I love piecing but tend to hurry through the quilting to get it done. I admire anyone who actually spends a lot of time on it.

10:57 pm  

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