25 September, 2005

Cookie disaster

ShellyC sent me a chocky chip cookie recipe and I've just finished baking them. I only used half the mixture and have frozen the rest (is that possible??). I managed to forget two batches in the oven, which cooked for about 5 times the recommended time!!!

So, speaking of using the freezer, it is safe to say that the fridge is fixed. Two visits from Dr. Fridge (one of them on a Saturday) and he still only charged me $85 total (So I can still get the camera sometime soon). However I've very little food in it now (since everything in it is edible now, unlike earlier). I had plans to go to the vegie markets today to stock up on food - since the garden is producing nothing - but was just too lazy. When I say the garden is producing nothing, I lie. I got one pea pod off the scrawny vines (nothing like Dad's mammoth sugar peas) - a couple of cherry tomatoes, a few leaves of basil and a few more of rocket. I pulled out all the dying stuff I couldn't identify (later learned it was radishes, which I don't like anyway), making more room for the spring onions. Oh and some little black bug seems to be enjoying the broccoli and pak choy more than I ever will!! I know, serves me right for planting temperate plants in a tropical climate, but I can't fit a mango tree in my miniscule back yard.

Yesterday I went to the pub with friends to watch the footy final. None of us cared that it was the finals, nor did we support either team, but we figured most of Australia would be out drinking, so why should we miss out? It was a great afternoon, sitting on the grass at the pub, far enough away from the devout supporters that we could spend all afternoon chatting, with a half hearted cheer when someone kicked a goal.


Blogger Alice said...

I see the links worked (did you figure them out before I emailed you?) You could be nice and say "No, mother, I had to wait for your instructions."

Glad the fridge is fixed even if your food supply isn't.

Are you supporting the Nth. Queensland Cowboys today?

3:15 pm  
Blogger Tanya said...


Oh, the Cowboys are playing??? I'll support them but do I have to watch the game as well?

I love the hum of the fridge (rather than the drip of water running down the front of it and into the vegetable crisper (vegies weren't too crisp for a while).

The links you see are the ones that I cut and pasted from yours and Michelle's blogs. They're not written as I would have wanted them exactly - but I'm not THAT much of a perfectionist that I'd go and change them... (No, really!!) Next time I'll put them is properly (and then it will be thanks to you).

3:29 pm  
Blogger Alice said...

Now even you could not be unaware that the Cowboys are playing; I'm sure Townville is blue, white and yellow bunting from head to toe.

Re the fridge - isn't it wonderful the little things that give us a thrill, like the hum of an efficiently working refrigerator.

4:29 pm  

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