19 September, 2005

Garden... of sorts

This image is a close up of part of my garden. This is about 1/4 of the total area. I live in a unit and my backyard is about two metres deep and 8 metres long. I have the back of my house on one side, and the horrible grey brick wall on the other. Still, I have managed to plant several vegies, flowers and other unidentifiable plants in there. I seem to plant things and never remember what I planted, and can't identify it once it thrives. It is survival of the fittest in this garden (and at the moment there are not many plants that are that fit).

I took the day off today (flex time is great!) yet still managed to get little done. Well, I baked, papier macheed (spelling?), hung on the wall some African carvings that a Mozambican friend gave to me, went for a bike ride (to buy baking ingredients), and played around on the computer. So I was productive, just didn't do what needed doing. And now it is 11pm and I still have a basket of ironing to do.. Looks like I'll iron tomorrows outfit only. It would be great if I had a decent excuse, like children or work or something else is keeping me from getting things done, but the plain truth is I hate ironing and everything else takes priority over that.

My little sister left for The Netherlands today. She's going there to play hockey for 10 months. I'm excited and nervous for her. I travelled around the world for seven years and I remember the feeling of leaving family to board the plane, not knowing where I would be the next day (well, being that I was leaving from Australia, chances are the next day I would still be on the plane). But I know my sister will have a great time exploring that country that I adored when I was there many years ago. We've agreed to meet up somewhere when she's on her way back. I suggested Vietnam, she suggested New York. Two completely different places, but I'm sure we'll compromise - and go somewhere completely different.

These early posting are really quite crap and I hope that someday, once this Blog gets developed a little more, I can come back and delete all this.


Blogger shellyC said...

great garden...gorgeous quilt and soooooooooooo happy to see you have a blog and can show your amazing creations!!!! love the name too!!!!!!!!

11:13 am  
Blogger Alice said...

I nearly forgot to tell you how much I loved your potty little garden. Well done.

11:13 am  

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