30 September, 2005

No name quilt

Another quilt. This is the first quilt I made on my new sewing machine, just before Christmas last year. It's a lap-sized quilt and only took me a few weeks to complete (I hand quilted it and that is where most of the time went). Although (and here is how pedantic I can be), I wanted to bind it in the binding that is there now (which is the same as on the back) but didn't have enough, so went back to the fabric shop to find that they were out of it. So I bound (?) it in the yellow - same as the border. I wasn't entirely happy with it, but had little choice in the matter... until I was back in the shop a few weeks later and saw my blue fabric there again. So bought more than enough, went home and ripped out the yellow binding, and resewed it in blue. It does look much better and was worth the extra time and effort. I now have a heap of yellow binding waiting for a quilt that it is more suited to. This quilt was my own (very simple) design, and I've yet to come up for a name for it. Any suggestions? I've learnt that when you live in the tropics it's not a great idea to be quilting in the summer. All my other quilts have been quilted in the winter, when the temperature is (only slightly) more reasonable and it's not such torture to have a quilt on your lap for hours on end.

I now have to work out a design for my sister's quilt. She posted up the fabric a few weeks ago, but I've not started yet. Hope she's not in a hurry for it. I have other things on my mind. Like... job interviews! It's likely I have three next week - two in Brisbane and one here, though they are all for positions here. For the interview here, I'll have to do a presentation!!!! How cruel is that? But it's only five to ten minutes long, so should be fairly painless. In the end it would be great to have a choice of the job that I want. Wish I could choose the pay as well, but it's a government job so it's a given that the pay will be meagre.


Blogger Alice said...

I could be terribly boring and suggest something like "Sand, Sea and Sky" for your quilt. The colours certainly suggest sea and sand, or something to do with water in the tropics at the very least.

You know, Annette always says that I taught her to sew (maybe I did, but she is far better than me now); I wish I could say that I taught you to patchwork and quilt, but I can't since you taught yourself. You certainly have the artistic streak and the determination and perseverance to go with it. I'm very proud of you.

5:17 pm  
Blogger Tanya said...

That name is not so boring. I had been thinking of just calling it Eyre Street, since that is the street I lived on when I made it. And your suggestion may be appropriate because I could hear the waves breaking on The Strand through the open window near the sewing room (yes, the sound did travel, even when the waves were no bigger than 20cm high). Now all I hear when I sew are bats and possums fighting in the mangroves!!!

Oh, and you did teach me to quilt. Don't you remember the hideous first thing I made that was so revolting is should never ever again see the light of day?? And the wails of, "Mu-um, how do I fix this??" You should be proud of yourself for being able to teach, and then have your pupils take their lessons to the next level. I thank you. xx

10:15 pm  
Blogger Alice said...

I see you now have a blog counter.I think I could own up to at least half of those hits. All I need now is for R. & S. to start blogs and I'll know what everyone is doing. Well, only those things you want known. I still think it's good fun, and I especially like reading the comments, not just on my own postings but others as well. Am I just an incurable sticky-beak?

7:46 am  
Blogger kath red said...

i love this quilt - such beach colours.

8:05 am  

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