28 September, 2005

Cowboys day

Another pic from my study site -Hydeaway Bay. This was taken in the middle of winter last year (July). Almost idyllic, no?

The mayor of Townsville declared today "Cowboys Day" - trying to get locals hyped up before the rugby grand final (as if they needed it!). We didn't get the day off though. Shame....

Bringing work home really sucks! Though leaving work at 3:30 because I had to do work at home this evening made up for it (I suppose). I had time to paint some bowls I made out of papier mache (a great use for old phone books!), contemplate whether or not I should vacuum the house (I decided not), and I even took a short nap (that says I'm either really young or really old!!).

News from the Netherlands (where my baby sister is): she is going to buy a bike (when in Rome - or Amsterdam....). She's after a really crap one that nobody would want to steal... and then a really good bike lock so that nobody can steal the crap bike that they wouldn't want to steal in the first place. Is this Dutch logic?


Blogger Alice said...

I guess Sara's bike lock will cost more than the bike itself? Sounds double Dutch to me, but it also makes sense, in a way.

12:12 pm  
Blogger Alice said...

Hey, I've just read the list of other blogs you've been reading. No wonder you needed an afternoon sleep - you must be staying up all night.

2:17 pm  
Blogger Tanya said...

well, browsing- not really reading so much. They're there at the moment so I can come back to them some time, otherwise I'll forget the links.

5:17 pm  

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