15 October, 2005


Today I built a table and four chairs. Okay, it was flat-packed and I had to put it together. But that was a challenge in itself. Instructions are a pain to follow at the best of times, but when there are only pictures and no actual instruction - and the pictures are hand-drawn and not very clear - well, there lies the challenge. But it's done. And it looks good. And no-one will notice the mistakes (maybe until they put too much pressure - such as a backside - on the dodgy chair....).

I also finished the quilt top for my sisters' quilt. It looks really good (I think), though is still a bit small, so I'll have to sew in a couple of borders or something. Photos will follow some time.

I now have five canvasses to paint to hang on a bedroom wall.... Maybe I'll start that tomorrow.


Blogger Alice said...

And when you finish that how about replanting the garden, extending the house,learning to speak Swahili, training the next Melbourne Cup winner and knitting a jumper. Then you can have a cuppa and watch TV for a while before dinner.

8:27 pm  

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