18 November, 2005

Slowly, slowly

Well, Blogger seems to want to take eight years to upload an image and I have better things to do than wait for it, so I guess the images will be posted gradually. This is more experimenting. One day soon I should read the instruction manual. Don't know what kind of plant this is, but it's in my backyard and seems to be growing everywhere. I'm sure I planted a few of them - but now there are many. Not that I'm complaining. Some parts of the garden I can't walk for plants, and other parts won't sustain anything for longer than a week. This is strange, as my garden is only slightly bigger than a coffin....

Well, look at this - the other image has just loaded. This is the baby quilt I just finished for a friend. The size, pattern and quilt design is all from my head, though I guess it measures about 1m by 1.5m. The baby isn't due until April, so I have time to make a new one because I don't like this one too much. Especially if the baby turns out to be a boy!! I think it's just the border I'm not that keen on. Again, it's machine pieced and hand quilted - which is such an insane thing to do when it's so hot. I would truly recommend machine quilting... if I actually knew how to do it!


Blogger Alice said...

Gawd, you're a fusspot! That quilt is beautiful. I love the quilting even if you did sweat buckets doing it. Perhaps it is a little bit girlie, and you probably just want an excuse to do another. Sure you don't want to keep it for a future little girl????

I post all of my photos using Hello. It's a bit fiddly having to cut and paste if you want them all to appear on the one posting, but they load quite quickly. You can download Hello for free.

9:48 pm  
Blogger jill said...

It's absolutely breath-takingly beautiful!! I'd give it without a second thought to the gender because I notice the blues right off and it's filled with love....the baby will love whatever you make regardless of colors as long as it is soft, cuddly and lovable. ;o) You do amazing work!

1:31 pm  
Blogger Sonia said...

Love this quilt! So beautiful!
Inspired compositions! Great work!

6:57 am  

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