02 December, 2005

Photo-less ramble

I thank everyone for their (very well directed) sympathy. However, after 12 hours of no quilting (and a bottle of wine), I am now ready to have another go at the quilt. Ah, it's a labour of love, and I really don't mind doing it at all. Besides, the callouses have hardened up even more, so it's now easy - it's my backside that hurts after sitting on the living room floor for four straight hours.... But I wasn't going to complain about anything in this entry.

I have just come back from a candle party. Uh-ha, a candle party. Similar to the tupperware/nutrimetics/lingerie party thing. It wasn't too bad - though everything was typically overpriced. Still, to ensure the host (a work mate) got a decent gift for selling lots of stuff, I bought a few votive candles. And I never burn candles. So, hey - that was $18 wasted. But I did get a great idea for christmas decorations. The party planning lady (also a work colleague) had coffee beans (you know, for neutralising your sense of smell between smelling sickly sweet candles all night) stuck onto a polystyrene ball with a glue gun (I think), then wrapped in a raffia string with a bow at the top and a tie to hang it on a tree branch. Okay, I can't explain it properly, but it looked really good, I thought. Though when I mentioned it to everyone else, they all looked at me like I was nuts. So then I kept quiet.

I also learned how to make houmous. Which is very exciting because I love the stuff, but never considered making my own. But to find out that all it is is chick peas, garlic, olive oil and tahini, all blended up, was joyful. I just now have to go and buy tahini. And chick peas. I think I'm running low on olive oil as well. What was I saying....?

I walked to work today, which was great. It was drizzling so it wasn't too hot on the way in. I took my camera with me and took a few snaps of flowery stuff on my way (a 20 minute walk turned into 40 minutes, but it was worth it). I'm trying to upload the stuff, and if I ever get the hang of flickr, I'll be happy, because the blogger thing is insanely slow. Anyway, some of the photos are of weeds. But they're pretty weeds.

Weekend tomorrow and guess what I have in store for myself. Yes, sewing. But I will take some time to take a stroll or a bike ride to somewhere interesting. I rented 10 movies on Wednesday to accompany me while quilting. I think I rented the 10 worst movies in the store. I have a feeling that my video store just bins all movies as soon as they come off new release. Because I wanted the films for a week, I was limited to bad stuff. A word to the uninformed (formerly me): Do not under any circumstances rent "Maid in Manhatten" - though it may be alright - I couldn't stand to watch the end of it, it was that pathetic; "Wimbledon" - shite from start to finish; "Blackadder's Christmas Carol" - or some title like that... well, it is funny, just don't rent the DVD expecting it to go for two hours, because it lasts for half an hour; "Calendar Girls" - I'm sorry, it had so much potential but bored me amazingly. I tried to watch a Robert de Niro film made in 1970 - "The Wedding Party," but couldn't last the distance (I couldn't last 10 minutes!). I will give it a second shot, though. Good thing "Teachers" was on tv last night. That made up for all the disasterous films I rented. "Teachers" is great!!!

I really shouldn't blog when I've had a couple of drinks. Speaking of beverages, I dropped by the budget bottle shop where there was a free wine tasting going on (always a bad move) - a friend and I ended up buying a case of wine. But it was good. And buying a case made it fairly cheap. It was some winery outside of Brisbane, growing grapes on some hill overlooking Moreton Bay and Stradbroke Island. I could be more specific, but the bottles are in the next room.... SIRROMET - that's the brand/winery. Try it.

Okay, sorry, my glorious photos are not loading. I am too fed up to try a third time. So just imagine that I live in paradise (or the tropics) where all the weeds are pretty flowers.


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Have you tried downloading Hello/Picassa for posting photos? It's free and really only takes seconds to load.

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