03 June, 2006

TT wrap up

Well, here is the overwhelming consensus resulting from my Thursday Thirteen:

Take the music off your blog.

Unless it is music I like. And unless there is a stop button near the top of the page.

But really, no-one need worry about the content of their blog - you post what you like and if others (me) don't like it, that is their (my) problem - which is what I do with my blog. Am I just now giving unsolicited advice...? Hell, if you can't express yourself on a blog, where can you? There is an official "soapbox" in the middle of town where you can get up and have a rant for half an hour - but if you do, everyone thinks you're nuts and they get up and walk quickly away. And it's Townsville, not some huge metropolis, so your audience is small to begin with. And here, no-one really cares what you think, anyway. But I digress. I meant to say that none of you need worry - if I don't like a blog, I don't comment on it. Simple. So you're all gems in my book. (Though there are some blogs that I do like and don't comment on.... how deep is this hole now, and where are the steps to get out??)

I did want to add that I was really impressed that almost everyone left a comment as well as a tag. Yes, after posting about how I want the tags AND the comments, there were still a couple of tag-and-runners in there. But I am over it, truly I am. They obviously didn't read my seminal post, and their lives will be that much more deprived because of it.

Enough ramble - a shopping centre is having a 4-day shoe sale. And there are a few garage sales I want to check out - I'm thinking if I actually go to some of these early, there will be some cool stuff to snap up.


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