14 August, 2006


Miss Eagle tagged me for a meme. I'm very excited (I like being tagged). But this one is a tough one. It's a garden meme adapted from a book meme. And "Tanya" and "garden" are not often uttered in the same sentence (unless it is to say something like, "Tanya doesn't own a garden and should never have a garden because she is not the best when it comes to gardening."). Anyway, I'll have a go.

1. Name one plant that changed your life.
Anthurium – the first time I discovered that flowers could be more interesting than roses and carnations. Though my mother has always referred to anthuriums as “a penis on a plate.” Think I’ll leave that statement alone…


2. Name one plant you've planted more than once.
I bought a plant (I’m crap here – have no idea what it’s called but is really common as an indoor plant down south, and up north it does well inside or outside) several years ago at a market for a dollar or two and it just grows like crazy. I’ve re-potted it about four times, have split it and now have this thing growing in AT LEAST eight places around the house. It’s insane (but I love it).

3. Name one plant you'd want on a desert island.
A mango tree. Or a coconut palm - all your sustenance in one big seed. And coconut milk can be substituted for plasma (no kidding) so I could perform operations on myself while I’m stuck on the island. Okay, maybe not. I’ll stick to the mangoes.


4. Name one plant that made you giddy?
Not sure about giddy, but gymea lilies give me conjunctivitis. And tiger lilies are my favourite flowers ever – I love them. And the scent of frangipanis is heavenly.




5. Name one plant that wracked you with sobs.
Apart from cactus? Or stinging trees in the north? The big red cedar that was destroyed in Cyclone Larry – it was hundreds of metres tall and hundreds of years old and was one of the last red cedars in the rainforest in north Queensland and now it is no more. I didn’t really cry over it.


6. Name one plant that you wish had been grown.
A money tree (derr!!). Seriously, my backyard isn’t big enough for anything that I would truly love – but an avocado tree that bears huge delicious fruit is always on my wish list.



7. Name one plant you wish had never been grown.
All the pests that are threatening our native vegetation – lantana, siam weed and prickly pear are all problems up this way.




8. Name one plant you are currently growing.
Looking outside my window right now I see a birds eye chili plant. Self sewn and very productive – am never short of chilis.


9. Name one plant you've been meaning to grow.
That big avocado tree.


10. Now tag five bloggers.
I can’t think of FIVE – so anyone who wants to take part, feel free.


Blogger Alice said...

Brilliant post with great photos. Fancy your mother describing Anthuriums in that way..... who is she, by the way?....lol

8:13 pm  
Blogger Miss Eagle said...

How naughty of Alice. And the name for No. 3 is a Syngonium - have grown a few myself in the north. Not to mention the ones that come in pots with big furry lengths of wood for the syngonium to grow over. Really enjoyed your post.

Blessings and bliss

9:13 pm  
Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

It's really a shame about the great big red cedar that cyclone Larry destroyed.

Your plant/flower meme was pretty good for someone who's not a gardener. I'm not either...I'm only on this earth to ADMIRE the pretty flowers and to EAT wonderful fruit, like avocados, coconuts & mangos.

I would give this a try, but I don't know proper flower names...I'll think about it.

I have to say it again...I think you did a great job on this meme.

12:13 am  
Blogger PEA said...

I'm still trying to get past #1...I can't stop laughing at the name your mom calls this plant!! hehe!! I so enjoyed your MEME answers and loved seeing all the pictures showing the plants you were mentioning...WELL DONE!!

9:50 am  
Blogger Val said...

1. Heh heh! Alice, you are a silly girl.
2. If you find out the name for that, please tell me, as bits and pieces of it have appeared in our garden over the years, and I too love it. But WHAT IS IT?
7. Now there's the Queensland "thing" about lantana again. In Victoria it's a lovely plant.
8. Envious of your chilli plant.
9. How long have you been in Queensland and you haven't planted an avocado yet?

Loved the meme!

3:37 pm  
Blogger Kerri said...

You've illustrated very well here with your pics Tanya. That Alice is such a bad influence. It's a wonder you turned out so well!
The plant you've repotted 4 times is a Caladium. I have one just like it. They're great.
Frangipani is one of my utmost favourites!
I can remember my mum complaining about what a pest lantana was. Over here (as in Victoria)
it's grown in pots and such and everyone thinks it's lovely. It is rather pretty when it's not devouring whole objects (like houses or whatever).

2:17 pm  

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