03 February, 2006


OH MY GOD! Why am I having such issues with Blogger? It is on a major "go slow" at the moment. And when I try to comment on peoples blogs, it takes forever, then I'm told that I can't do it. So Val, Kerri and Kylie (Kerri's daughter who has never seen or heard of me) - sorry. I had all good intentions. I'll get back to you one day.

Today was also a frustrating day because of the car. Well, more likely, the lack of juice I have in the car to make it go. See, with the cost of petrol being so ridiculous at the moment, I try to spend at least $30 at the supermarket, ensuring I get 4c off per litre at the petrol station. Now, I do buy stuff I need, not just useless stuff (it was only one time that I got to the checkout and the total was $29 - so to make it up to $30 I bought a creme egg - but then the total was $29.98, so I had to buy another... and I hate creme eggs), but why, why, WHY do I keep losing the receipt??? I have lost two so far. My quandary now is, do I go (needlessly) grocery shopping tomorrow morning so that I can pay 114c/L? Or should I just get the petrol and pay 118c/L? Oh the dilemma. And why is it that I find in my wallet hundreds of ATM receipts, which I will never need, but the one receipt I do need is always elusive? I never had to worry about this when I cycled everywhere.

On a less frustrating note, here is a picture of my nieces and nephew. Why is there not a word to group niece and nephew together - like siblings. I guess I could just call them my sister's kids. Anyway. The pictures were a Christmas present. Aren't they gorgeous? My mother has some similar photos of the kids. I had wondered who would be the first to hang the pictures. Mum - am I?

Edited to add: I think this has to be filed under the category of "Crappiest Posts Ever." I mean, really! Who wants to read about a petrol voucher? Especially when all I'll get to save is a grand total of $2! So don't worry, Mum. I never had any intention of shopping just to get a big receipt. Besides, I'm doing Townsville's garage sales (again) tomorrow - I need as much money as possible for when I come across the bargain of a lifetime.


Blogger Alice said...

I thought if you didn't want to pay $1.14 for petrol you could drive down here and pay $1.28.
BTW someone told me that even after they bought a car they were still going to ride their bike to work. Any idea who that could have been?

Yes, you won the picture hanging race, but I do have mine where they can be seen. Russ and Richard were putting the new desk together tonight (half done) so maybe I'll hang the photos above that.

10:14 pm  
Blogger Val said...

Ah, so it's not just me having trouble with Blogger. I think it was actually offline for a while tonight. I did get your comment, Tanya, by the way.

I've finally managed to upload a couple of photos of my giraffe candle - yes, riveting stuff, folks, but it's a lovely candle, really, and it has giraffes on it...

10:40 pm  
Blogger Val said...

As for your petrol voucher
(I'm ba-a-a-a-ck), it's wise to keep it in perspective, not the end of the world if you pay the full price etc etc. But agreed: it is damn annoying when you've saved every other slip of paper but the one you need.

10:43 pm  
Blogger Tanya said...

Mother. I do ride my bike to work. And will continue to do so. But tomorrow is a weekend. I am not going to work at all. I am doing the things for which I bought a car. Enough said??

10:45 pm  
Blogger Alice said...

Glad to hear it, dear. Assuming that your car has a glove box...lol...why not tear the voucher off the docket when you get it and keep them in the glovebox? After all, you can't go to the petrol station without the car, so then you will have the voucher always with you.

Now, why don't I try that bit of logic???

8:58 am  
Blogger jill said...

Those savings of $2 over the course could add up to be a rather hefty chunk of dough. If you fill up bi-weekly, that's $52/yr. I used to fret about "saving" a few cents on things until I sat down and saw that if I looked at the bigger picture, those few cents added up quickly. Silly stuff like paying a bill or two online instead of sending them through the mail saves me at least $10/yr. Enough to treat the kiddos to the movies once on bargain night, which to them is a treat.

Try keeping the supermarket receipts in your car since that's where you need them to get the petrol, right?

12:14 pm  
Blogger Kerri said...

I guess you're getting lots of advise so I'll refrain. I think you now have the picture...right? (glovebox...good idea).
You should see my very deep purse (or pocket book as they're called here...which is a silly name in my opinion), I can never find anything in it! But it holds A LOT! Tanya your posts always make me laugh..and they're never boring. Really! Love the pic of the car in previous post :)

9:00 am  

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