24 January, 2006

Rainforest - and hiatus

Have friends over at the moment who are living here (well, they're certainly making themselves at home) until they find their own place. Hence the lack of postings lately and for the next couple of weeks. Still, I managed to go to Paluma (rainforest) on Saturday and saw pretty stuff. Managed to get the car filthy, and still haven't cleaned it - should just park it outside in the pouring rain, maybe.
They may be a heinous weed, but who can deny that lantana have pretty flowers??

The bridge over Little Crystal Creek, near Paluma, in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area

Deep in the rainforest. Paluma.


Blogger Alice said...

I've always loved Lantana and even planted a couple in the back garden a few years ago. Sure enough, they escaped through the fence, but they ultimately died. I guess their beauty is lost on those people whose farms are infested with it, or forests that are being strangled by it.

Did you get the fabric for your quilt?

2:39 pm  
Blogger Wendy A said...

Beautiful place! There certainly are lots of World Heritage Sites in Australia.

8:02 pm  
Blogger Val said...

Another photogenic bridge! (Just came over from Alice's blog where she has a photo of an English village bridge)

Years ago we inherited lantana with the house we bought, and as a "new chum" I couldn't understand why my colleague (from QLD) was so scathing of it. I thought the flowers so charming. Our current garden also has a lantana - here in Melbourne it doesn't seem to get out of hand.

Ah, someone else who considers a rained on car as having gone to the carwash!

BTW, I'm curious about the giraffe in your blog name. Happens to be my favorite animal!

9:24 am  

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