21 January, 2006

The quilt top

My internet account only gives me limited downloads each month. I usually use them up after a week. I then pay for each MB I download. I've increased the amount I get (and pay) for next month, but until then, blogs have, and will, be sporadic. Serves me right for being too impulsive and getting myself into these contracts without shopping around first.

Anyway, here is......

The completed top of the quilt. Am impressed with myself that I started cutting on Sunday night (I think) and it's now done. There are a couple of glaring errors that I couldn't be bothered to fix and now think that maybe I should have - but I'm over it now. Will go shopping today to get backing and wadding. In one of the fabrics there is a small blue flower. I'm thinking of a similar colour for the back. To me, the back of the quilt is just as fascinating as the front. This doesn't serve me too well at quilt shows, when all the quilts are pinned to the wall, and there are signs everywhere saying not to touch the quilt. Anyway. I have a vague idea of how I'll quilt it (yes, again, by hand), but won't really know until I start.
Alright, it's 9am. Am off to buy fabric - from the store that is a 10 minute drive away. I think I'll go via Paluma (a rainforest an hour out of town)!! Posted by Picasa


Blogger Alice said...

You know I'm impressed, don't you? I hope you found the right fabric after your circuitous route through the forest. Lucky that petrol is cheap(er) in Qld.

2:52 pm  

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