04 February, 2006

Garage saleing again

I appreciate the advice from Alice and Jill about where I can put my petrol vouchers (in the car!!!). I did plan to do that. But the level of organisation required, though minor, appears to be far beyond me. I must have left the receipts in the plastic (shock, horror) bag. Which then became my rubbish bag. And the rubbish was collected yesterday morning. Live and learn. But will I?? Anyway, I filled up the car and it cost me $50. I once had a little Holden Barina and that cost me $20 to fill up. That was in the early 90s when petrol cost about 50c a litre or something. I miss those prices.

Today I took my friend Jo to the garage sales again. She's just moved into a new house and has virtually nothing in there. She's expecting a baby in April, so the search was for baby furniture as well as regular furniture - book cases, tables, chairs, etc. Keeping that in mind, Jo bought a vacuum cleaner which was broken (!), a juicer, a blender and some cushions. Good to see she stuck to her list. I, on the other hand, shopped more wisely. Well, I don't need any of the crap I bought, but it made me feel good. I bought a salad spinner (never used, but strangely, dirty) three ceramic plant pots (will plants ever go into them?), a vase (which will never have flowers in it, knowing me) and a chair screaming to be "done". I paid $9 for it all.

Afterwards, I went shopping because it was either do that or go swimming and I am the queen of lazy. I found a book that I was flipping through - all about blogging and how to do it. It is based on blogger.com blogs. I couldn't find the page about how to make a blog easy on the eye. It cost over $30 and I didn't know if I really wanted it (I decided probably not). But I had my camera in my bag so took a picture in case I wanted to go back and get it. So much easier that searching for a pen and paper and writing the details down. It would be great if the picture was in focus and I could actually read what it said. Maybe the "old fashioned" way is better.


Blogger Alice said...

Very impressed with your purchases, especially the price. Chair will look great done up in your usual fashion. Salad spinners are handy, especially for a lot of lettuce.

By the way, you can take the liberty of feeling honoured as you are the first recipient of anything typed at our new computer desk (photo will be loaded soon). Russ and Richard put half of it together last night and Richard did the rest today. Of course I got the job of diconnecting a million power/computer cords and reconnecting them all. Guess what, we can sit at the computer and watch TV at the same time, sort of. Isn't that decadent?

7:13 pm  
Blogger Wendy A said...

I can't live without a salad spinner. I have two. Excellent purchase.

8:01 pm  
Blogger Tanya said...

I'm wondering about a colour for the chair. I was thinking maybe burgundy with bits of gold or silver through it. Any suggestions?

Salad spinner is now clean. I need to buy salad tomorrow at the markets just so I can - er - spin it-!!?

9:24 pm  
Blogger shellyC said...

love the chair..yaeh burgundy with gold would look good..but "roughed" up so you can see bits of the wood too??

7:53 am  
Blogger Kerri said...

Wow...you got bargains girl! Nice chair...sounds like a good colour scheme. Does paint come with the silver and gold specs in it or do you have to add that? I'm clueless. We bought our first salad spinner last summer to wash the mesclun mix that we grew. Works great! Now don't let that pretty vase and those lovely pots sit empty...add some flowers and plants. You can do it!

8:27 am  

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